Development News

01 May 2014

Countdown to the New Nursery

Glasshouse being demolished


After a six year wait, and at the third time of asking, our landlord has finally obtained planning permission for the construction of a 60-bed Nursing Home and new nursery buildings on our current site.  As soon as the  various pre-commencement conditions imposed by the council have been met, building works will commence.  As the redevelopment will address all the ongoing issues of poor drainage and aging infrastructure that we have had to battle with ever since we took over the nursery, we can't wait.

The main contractors have been appointed and are ready to start just as soon as the last of the Council's Pre-Commencement Conditions are met. We have been surveyed for every attribute known to man - from asbestos to acoustics, via archaeology, ecology and a goodly number of other 'ologies to boot.

Thankfully all that has been found is 1 grass snake, 1 common lizard and a load of mud, so redevelopment works are expected to commence in August.